Sunday, March 9, 2008

Art For Free

Why am I providing artwork for free? (Actually for just the cost of handling and shipping)
I am a relatively new artist who's trying to build awareness. That's the first reason.
Second; as a daily artist (someone who produces at least one piece of completed art each day) I'm running out of room to store the art I produce. I don't provide all my artwork for free.
The painting shown here, Duma Key, is a 8x10" acrylic on a canvas panel and an example of the free works available for $9.95 shipping and handling.

I sell through a website Davis Galleries Landscape Art and through my blog, also titled Davis Galleries Landscape Art .

Some of the works you see here you may see there at higher prices. I do charge $9.95 for shipping and handling for works smaller than 9x12" and $19.95 for works 16x20" and larger.

This basically covers the costs of packaging and shipping. Every piece of artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity and Care Instructions.

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